Two childrens named Pinocchio, Patty, and two adults Geppetto and Gladys are magically transported into the world of their toy set, and begin a journey through several very different locations. Jiminy Cricket learns how to be careful and think things through.


  • When You Wish Upon a Star Opening - Performed by: Jiminy Cricket and Chorus.
  • Little Wooden Head - Performed by: Geppetto.
  • Celebrate His Good Life - Performed by: Jiminy Cricket and Chorus.
  • Give a Little Whistle - Performed by: Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio.
  • Mother and Daughter - Performed by: Gladys and Patty.
  • You're Invited - Performed by: Pinocchio.
  • Dance Puppet Dance - Performed by: Chorus.
  • High Flying Bird - Performed by: Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket and Patty.
  • Any Dream is Possible - Performed by: Pinocchio and Chorus.
  • Palisades Park - Performed by: Pinocchio.
  • Someone New to Met - Performed by: Patty with the Girls.
  • Anything Can Happen - Perfromed by: Geppetto, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.
  • I've Got No Strings - Performed by: Pinocchio.
  • I'm No Fool - Performed by: Jiminy Cricket.
  • Immortal, Invisible - Performed by: Pinocchio and Chorus.
  • It's a Beautiful Day - Performed by: Patty.
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Performed by: Patty with Chorus.
  • Make New Friends - Performed by: Pinocchio with the Boys.
  • Someone Saved My Life Tonght - Performed by: Patty and Pinocchio.
  • To God All Praise and Glory - Performed by: Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Patty and Chorus.
  • Wishes Final - Performed by: Pinocchio, The Blue Fairy and Chorus.


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Voice Cast

  • Elan Garfias as Pinocchio
  • Phil Snyder as Jiminy Cricket
  • Mallerie Rigsby as Patty
  • Jeff Bennett as Geppetto
  • Jennifer Hudson as Gladys
  • Rosalyn Landor as The Blue Fairy
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