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Pirates of Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold is an interactive 4-D attraction at DisneyQuest in Disney Universe Resort.

Ride Summary


Guests walk through a small jungle and enter a pirate ship with 4 canons and a steering wheel. They are given 3-D glasses


5 guests can ride one boat at once. Guests stand throughout the ride. A skeleton appears in front of guests saying "Dead men tell no tales." Following the introduction, the guests start the ride. As they sail, there are other ships, sea monsters, and forts to shoot at. One guest steers the ship while the other guests shoot cannons at enemies. The ride ends with guests having to defeat the skeleton.



The ride vehicle is designed to look like a pirate ship

The ships guests enter are in dark rooms with wrap-around 3-D screens surrounding the ships. The walls are painted completely black. Once guests enter their ship through the door, black curtains cover the door so outside guests can't see the ride and guests inside can't see the guests waiting. Guests use the canons to shoot the objects on screen. The screens wrap around the entire ship giving the riders complete immersion.

The entire ship is a 4-DOF motion base. The ship moves and drops corrisponding to how the driver steers it. Whenever rider's boat gets hit, it vibrates and shakes. Throughout the ride, wind blows from the ceiling onto riders. Bursts of air pop in riders faces from multible different directions. Riders occasionally get sprinkled with water and are frequntly sprayed with mist. The scents of fire and sea water can be smelled during key points of the ride. Heat effects are also used whenever something catches fire. The intensity of the heat fluctuates depending on where the on-screen fire is. Bubbles also come out from the bottom of the ship. The ride uses XpanD 3D technology and glasses and features a 9.1 Dolby Surround sound system with an addition if four subwoofers and 2 overhead speakers.


  • Saftey Restraint: None
  • Fastpass available
  • This is a version of the same ride at DisneyQuest in Walt Disney World.
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