[We see Bonkers D. Bobcat and Miranda Wright walk on stage]

MIRANDA WRIGHT: "Hello, boys and girls! I am Officer Miranda Wright and this is my partner, Officer Bonkers D. Bobcat from the Toon Division. Today we are going to talk about how to stay on the safe side when you should meet a stranger. Does anybody know what a stranger is?"

BONKERS D. BOBCAT: "A stranger is a person you do not know. You can't tell if they are good or bad."

Miranda and Bonkers ask Kids in audience to Help out

MIRANDA WRIGHT: "Hi, what's your name?"

Guest: "I'm [insert name of guest], and I'm [insert age of guest]."

MIRANDA WRIGHT: "Well, [insert same name of guest], Bonkers and I are going to play a scenario where you meet a stranger and what you should do."

[Bonkers plays a clip]

Clip 1

[We see a girl walking home from school, when a car approaches her]

[The windows roll down to reveal a middle-aged man with dark brown hair and brown eyes]

STRANGER: "Your mom has been hurt in a serious accident, and she is in the hospital. She sent me to come get you."

[Bonkers pauses the clip]

BONKERS: "Stop right there. This man claims to have known Jennifer's mom, and claims that she has been hurt in an accident. What should Jennifer do?"

GUEST: "She should not go with him!"

KID IN AUDIENCE: "Ask for code word!"

BONKERS: "Very good. Let's see what happens."

[Bonkers resumes the clip]

JENNIFER: "What is the secret code word?"

STRANGER: " don't know. She never gave me the code word..."

[Jennifer runs away from the stranger]

BONKERS: "See, always remember the secret code word from your parents. If that man doesn't know it, it's a no-go! Do Let's show another clip."

Clip 2

STRANGER: "Hi there, I lost my little dog. Can you help me find him?"

MIRANDA: "Remember, kids. Be suspicious for adults you don't know asking for help. Say no!"

Time to hand out Badges

MIRANDA: "Thank you for helping out kids. You did a wonderful job. Bonkers, it's time to hand out their Safety Badges."

[Bonkers hands one Safety Badge to each child]

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