Radiator Springs Racers Restaurant is a restaurant attraction at Disney's Hollywood Adventure Park at Disney Universe Resort.



As guests wait to get in the Dining Room, the walk through corridors of Radiator Springs merchendise, license plates, and clip from Cars and Cars 2.

Main Dining Room

Guests are seated in cars by a cast member. The cars are mini 2-row, 2-seat convertables with tables in them (identical to the ones at Sci-Fi Dine In Theater). A waitress will come an take their order and then the guest wil be given a pair of Driving Goggles (3-D glasses). After the waitress leaves, the cars are lowered into a dark theater. In the theater, guests enjoy a 10-minute 4-D film themed to the movie Cars. The film is about racing Lightning McQueen with the assistance of Mater. After the ride, guests cars are raised back up and their meal is ready. If guests wish not to ride the 4-D film, they can play on a Cars themed play area. While guests wait for the next 4-D ride, they watch a short video with Mater explaining the saftey instructions.


Each car is equiped with seatbelts, handlebars, and leg ticklers. The cars are all attatched to a 4-DOF motion-base. There is a total of 36 cars in the restaurant and 18 cars ride the 4-D ride at once.

The theater housing the 4-D film fits 18 cars at a time. The screen is a curved HD 3-D screen. In-theater effects include fog, smoke, lighting, water squirts, air blasts, wind, leg ticklers, mist, vibrations, and motion.

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