Six Flags Over Japan is a Six Flags owned theme park located in Japan. The park opened in 2008 as Six Flags' first theme park outside of North America. The park consists of three floors with rides and is located in a building.


  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor


Roller coasters

Name Year Opened Description Height R.
Goliath 2008 A Bolliger & Mabillard hyper coaster. 48"
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2008 A Skateboarding themed Gerstlauer spinning coaster 42" with adult
48" alone
Batman: The Ride 2011 An Intamin Zac Spin coaster 52"
Superman: Ride of Steel 2009 A Vekoma Flying Dutchman coaster 54"
Goliath Jr. 2012 An E.F. Miller kiddie coaster 38"
The Mighty Dragon 2016 A Rocky Mountain Construction wood/steel hybrid looping coaster. 52"
Gumball and Dartwin's Super Epic Homemade Coaster 2014 A PTC family wooden coaster 44.6"
  • The Joker 4D Free Fly Coaster

Other rides

Name Year Opened Description Hieght R.
Steven Universe: Gem Attack 2015 A Scrambler ride 36" with adult
The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo's Robot Rampage! 2016 A four seater robotic arm ride. 46" with adult
Road Runner Water Flip 2008 A boat flume ride 42"
Bugs Bunny's Thunder Dash 2009 A kiddie ride themed to formula 1 race cars. 36"
over 54" with child
Superman Tower of Power 2010 An S&S Combo Tower ride. 54"
Lady Bugs 2008 An umbrella kiddie ride with ladybugs. Under 54"
  • Advenutre Time Candy Drop
  • Regular Show: Space Spin
  • Ben 10 5D: Hero Time
  • Foghorn Leghorn's Barnyard Railway
  • The Riddler's Revolution
  • Teen Titans Go: The VR Ride
  • Justice League 4D
  • Batwing SpaceDrop
  • Hurracane Force 5
  • Fireball


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