Sled Ride is a 3-D motion simulator at DisneyQuest.

Ride Summary


4 guests enter a dark room with 4 1-seater sleds in the middle. Guests put on their Snow Goggles (3-D glasses) and take a 7-minute sled ride. The ride starts at the top of a big hill. The sleds go halfway down the hill and then make a wrong turn into a forest. The sleds continue to make twists and turns and bumps through the forest but then bumps into a huge rock covered in snow and uses it like a ramp. The sled is launched into the air and then lands on the roof of a house. The sled goes down the roof of the house and ends up in it's long driveway, also covered in snow. The sled goes down the driveway (which is about 70 yards long) and then ends up in the middle of a busy street. The sled continues to slide down the road, dodging and sliding under cars. And then ends up going through the woods again and down some steep drops. Finally, the sled exits the forest and ends up back in the middle of the mountain it started at and finishes going down the mountain. Guests exit the ride.


There are 10 rooms which hold the ride, meaning 40 guests can ride in 7 minutes. The dark rooms the guests enter hold 4 4-DOF motion based 1-seater sleds. The sleds also vibrate to create the illusion of snow crunching under them. The rooms holds a huge 360 degree HD 3-D projection dome screen which completely surround the sleds and fills the total guests vision. The projectors for the screen are located behind the screen itself. There is a small hole on the top of the screen which is used to get multible special effects onto the riders. During most of the ride, fake snow is sprayed through the hole onto riders. multicolored strobe lighting is aso used. Wind is blown onto the guests through the hole and multible wind fans are located under the sleds. Tiny (practically invisble) holes in the screen also pop bursts of air in the face of the riders. The room contains Dolby 9.1 surround sound speakers.


  • Saftey Restraint: Handlebars
  • Fastpass availible
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