Every Afternoon and Evening Anime Dreams Studios and YouTube Poop World Orlando will bring the magic of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons will be presented at Hollywood Stage


  • Ce Soriles La
  • Silhouettes/I Cant Give You Anything But Love
  • Cry For Me
  • Sherry/Big girls don't cry/Walk like a man
  • December 1963(Oh What a Night)
  • My Boyfriends Back
  • My Eyes adored You
  • Dawn(Go Away)
  • Beggin
  • Stay/Lets Hang on/Don't Worry about me/Bye Bye Baby
  • Cmon Marianne
  • Cant Take my eyes off you
  • Working My Way Back to You
  • Fallen Angel/Rag Doll/Who Loves You

Setlist if the Show is Cancelled Due to Weather or Strong Wind

  • Dawn(Go Away)
  • Sherry
  • Big Girls Don't Cry
  • Walk Like a Man
  • Bye Bye Baby

Background Information

  • The Four Seasons will Be still wearing their Red Jackets From Anime Moments on Parade
  • As part of the Halloween Celebration Duffy The Disney Bear and Marie will be appearing in the Finale
  • On 25th October it will be presented in Halloween Special version with Star Lord,Anna And Elsa,Kirana and penn will appear in the Finale

Hiatus and Return

  • During Halloween Special Version,Frankie Valli said "Just the little notice that's the news that no one wants to hear,Sounds of Jersey Boys is going on their 2 mouth Hiatus to make way for Frozen Winter Fun but we will come back on 27th December in time for new year celebrations but until believe in us,we will return to the studios in time for New years eve celebrations and now before we all go we will leave you OH WHAT A NIGHT"
  • After Frozen Winter fun ended on boxing day they Hollywood stage trun back to 1960s look for the rerun of sounds of jersey boys
  • In December 2017 The Show will Return just in time for 35th Anniversary
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