Star Mountain Range is Star Wars themed indoor roller coaster that will be similar to Space Mountain since it's gonna have a different track without loops and feature the style of Star Tours, just in case we don't need those two.

Ride layout


The queue will almost resemble the ones from the Star Tours attractions, so it will play the Star Wars theme, and have C-3PO and R2-D2 interacting 3 with guests who walk all the way to the ride station, and different robots working for the guests' space missons and HD-TV screens with Star Wars footage.


The station will feature Captain Rex as your host who will tell guests ride safety rules as shown onscreen to enjoy the ride and also watch out for Darth Vader. Each roller coaster car will be a hydraulic motion base cabin.

When the cabin prepares to move, it launches up the blast-off hill then it moves in the same direction as Star Tours. The inside of the mountain range features locations and details from various Star Tours attractions. Plus, while riding guests encounter Darth Vader who wants to devastate the universe, after a while, the star jets defeat him. And the finale arrives. The ride is over.


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