Swinetrek Shooting Gallery
is a ride at Muppet Studios.It is a shooting /suspended dark ride based on the sketch "Pigs in Space" from The Muppet Show


As you enter the ride building, an animatronic Captain Link Hogthrob recriuts guests to be part of the Swinetrek's galactic armada. Captian Hogthrob provides the explanation of the "mission", which is to destroy Dearth Nadir (Gonzo)'s secret weapon with your blasters.After being taught the basic procedures of shooting from Dr.Strangepork and First Mate Piggy (via video screen),the guests board the ride vehicles.As launch time approaches, a safety video hosted by Spamela Hamderson and Pepe is shown. It instructs guests how to fasten their seat belts and where to place belongings.


As guests board the vehicles, the vehicles swerve into the air lock.Dr.Strangepork (on the vehicle's video screen) then tells you that he is about to launch your ship.He then counts to three in German and sends the guest out of the  Swinetrek where he tells you "Good luck kid.You're gonna need it." The guests then land on Planet Koozebane where Kermit is reporting.When you shoot Kermit,he dodges your laser.Use your laser gun to shoot the targets on the merlidops.The Koozbanian phoob is worth more points.In the next room,the boss room, Sweetums is trying to bash you with his club and you have to shoot him over and over quickly.The next room is full of Muppet Monsters like Thog and Behemoth and you'll have to shoot them.Then you enter the next room where you encounter Dearth Nadir and his stormtrooper chickens who are pecking the crew of the Swinetrek to death.You then shoot Dearth Nadir who shouts "I'll get you for that!" You're then sent out into space again where you shoot at TIE fighters being piloted by chickens and an egg shaped Death star that blows up as Nadir yells "NO!!!!" You then enter a room where Bad Polly and Cluless Morgan gaurd a jail cell that holds Dearth Nadir and a kitchen where the Swedish Chef is about to roast one of the Chicken Stormtroopers.Captain Hogthrob then thanks you and shows your scores on the screen.

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