The Incredible Hulk is a drop tower coaster ride at Disney's Hollywood Adventure Park at Disney Universe Resort.

Ride Summary


Riders enter the science laboratory of Dr. Bruce Banner with many televisions showing the story of the Hulk. Bruce is now trying to find a way to reverse the effects, which the guests are about to take part in. While walking through the lab they encounter items including the generator, the gamma core and the towers of power. 


Once riders have boarded 4-seat bench and pull down their saftey harness, it departs the station by rising 20-feet and entering the second-floor gamma-ray accelerator, where the anxious voice of Bruce Banner issues from speakers in the walls: "Everything looks good...I think...I think this time it's...going to work!" On cue, a female voice announces that there has been a malfunction. Klaxons begin to sound inside. Riders are propelled up a 90-foot tower in 5 seconds. The vehicle stays up at the 110-foot high peak of the ride for 10-seconds while (animatronic) Bruce Banner (modeled after and voiced by Mark Ruffalo) shoots riders with a gamma-ray before riders quickly plummet down. The bench falls down 110-feet and then does a cobra roll. Riders complete a vertical loop, then enter a subterranean tunnel full of mist. The bench encircles the gamma-ray accelerator and is sent into the back area via corkscrew. A smaller vertical loop wraps around the mid-course brake run, which is flanked by two over-banked turns. The vehicle is slowed down by the mid-course brakes before being sent down another hill to a corkscrew and turn-around. Riders then travel sideways through an on-ride camera zone and then to the ride's final brake run after a helix. Riders then return to the boarding station and exit the ride.


This ride features Mark Ruffalo voicing Bruce Banner, reprising his role in the MCU. There is an animatronic identical to him at the top of the ride. When he shoots riders, the animatronic is actually triggering the prop gamma-ray gun to shoot out a green light and fog, hitting the riders.


  • Time: 2 minutes
  • Saftey Restraint: Harness, Handlebars
  • Fastpass and Single Rider available.
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