The Incredibles: 3D Adventure is a 3D film at Pixar World.


When the Underminer returns to the Incredible's town, Mr. Incredible comes. He tries to destroy the Underminer's robot by punching it, but it dodges it, causing hid hand to stick out at the audience, as a cheesy 3D effect. Then, before the robot grabs Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible pushes him out of the way with her elasticity, and her hand reaches at the audience. Then, Dash runs in with Violet in her force field, and the knock the Underminer out of the machine. Then, Jack Jack comes, and uses her laser eyes on the Underminer, but doesn't know better and does it at the audience, causing the room to get hot. Then Jack Jack floats into the audience, and squirts milk at the audience causing them to get squirted with in water. Then, Elastigril grabs her, and takes her home. Violet turns invisable, and reappears on the stage in front of the stage. She then disappears again, and reappears next to the Underminer, and knocks him to the floor. THe Underminer summons his drill, which drills a hole in the wall next to the screen, he goes back to the screen, and nearly kills the audience. Then, Frozen freezes it, and freezes the Underminer. He freeze-skates off into towards the audience, and then makes the audience cold. Next, Mr. Incredible uses the drill to dig a hole, knocking dirt towards you. He then punches the underminer into the hole. They barrie the hole, and the Underminer was defeated. Dash celebrates by blowing a birthday-blower, and the tricycle get from the movie pops a bubble from his bubble gum at the audience.

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