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The La Ronde Cruise Ship Show is a show shown in both a cruise ship and La Ronde.


The La Ronde Cruise Ship Show follows the story of Mickey Mouse and his friends as they defeat evil throught Disneyland.


  • "Into the Fire" (from the Scarlet Pimpernel)- sung by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip, Dale, Goofy, Hughie, Dewie, Lewie, Clarabelle, and Horace
  • "The Cruise Ship"- sung by Mickey and Minnie
  • "Pandora's Box"- sung by Jean Valjean and Mickey
  • "Evil Queen's Arrival"- sung by the ghosts of the villains
  • "Prince Ali"- sung by Jafar
  • "Poor Unfortunate Souls"- sung by Ursula
  • "Be Prepared"- sung by Scar
  • "Stars"- sung by Javert
  • "The Phantom of the Opera"- sung by the Phantom of the Opera and Minnie
  • "Life After Life"- sung by Dracula and Daisy
  • "Alive"- sung by Edward Hyde
  • "Evilmanya"- sung by Messina and El Supremo
  • "Friends On The Other Side"- sung by Dr. Facilier
  • "Hellfire"- sung by Frollo
  • "Queen of Mean"- sung by Queen Gnorga
  • "Don't Make Me Laugh"- sung by Drake
  • "In The Dark of the Night"- sung by Rasputin
  • "Ruber's Song"- sung by Ruber
  • "No More Mr. Nice Guy"- sung by Rothbart
  • "Just Say Yes!"- sung by Evil Martin Brisby
  • "Then We Are Decided"- sung by Caiaphas and Annas
  • "Macavity"- sung by Minnie and Daisy
  • "Grim Grinning Ghosts"- sung by Shan-Yu, Claudandus, Lotso, and General Woundwort
  • "Mother Knows Best"- sung by Mother Gothel
  • "When You're An Aadams"- sung by Zeebad and the Snow Queen
  • "Zigzag the Grand Vizier is Here!"- sung by Zigzag and his servants.
  • "Kim's Nightmare"- sung by Thuy's Ghost
  • "Abu Hassan"- sung by Bluto
  • "Thriller"- sung by all the Forces of Evil
  • "Gaston"- sung by Gaston and his men
  • "The Greatest Criminal Mind"- sung by Ratigan and his men
  • "Javert's Suicide"- sung by Javert and Wayne Cramp
  • "Duel!"- sung by Mickey and the Evil Queen
  • "Please, Smee!"- sung by Captain Hook
  • "Epiphany"- sung by Sweeney Todd
  • "China In Your Hand"- sung by Mephiles the Dark and Nightmare Moon
  • "Tevye's Dream"- sung by Tevye, Golde, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Chorus, and Wicked Witch of the West
  • "Get Killed!"- sung by Mickey, Donald, and Starlight Express
  • "Starlight Sequence"- sung by Mickey and Starlight Express
  • "Banishment of All Evil"- sung by all the Forces of Evil
  • "Be A Man"- sung by the Forces of Good