The Princess and The Frog:Tiana's Bayou Adventure is a dark/boat ride that appears in Fantasyland in Disneyland Anahiei & Magic Kingdom Orlando.


As you enter the ride building that resembles Tiana's Palace from the movie, a video screen shows Ray retelling the movie's story with a little help from his family.


As you go down a staircase a video screen shows a hilarious ride safety video starring Ray and Louis. After the video finishes, you walk through a hallway decorated with a mural of the characters in the movie while Dr.Facilier's voice echoes "You're almost there."


After you board the boats that resemble the ones in Pirates of the Caribbean you go through a dark cemetery later, you go into the LaBouff mansion where Eudora tells the story of The Frog Prince to young Tiana and young Charlotte. As the boats exit the LaBouff mansion, the boats go through the streets of New Orleans where a now grown up Tiana buys the sugar mill from the Fenner Brothers as you turn you enter Dr.Facilier's Voodoo Emporium where voodoo masks, shrunken heads, and voodoo dolls sing "Friends from The Other Side" as Naveen transforms into a frog with Lawrence watching and Facilier saying "Now you'll spend the rest of your life as a slimy little frog." with frog Naveen responding "It is not slime. It is mucus!" Later you return to the LaBouff mansion and see Tiana transform into a frog. After you turn you'll see outside the LaBouff guest house where you hear Facilier yelling at Lawrence. The next scene shows the next day with Tiana and Naveen riding on top of Louis while singing "When We're Human," and later the scene shifts tonight where you see Ray guiding Tiana, Louis and Naveen with his firefly family as he sings, "Gonna Take You There." Later you enter Mama Odie's boat in the tree as she sings "Dig A Little Deeper" with spoonbill birds. Later you enter the cemetery that is filled with Facilier's shadows including his own and as you turn you see Facilier being dragged into the big Voodoo mask and turning into a tombstone. After this scene, you go back into the swamp with Naveen and Tiana dancing to "Ma Belle Evangaline" with Ray and his family lighting up the scene. The scene after shows Naveen and Tiana getting married by Mama Odie and Tiana and Naveen turning back into humans. As the boat goes back into the loading area an audio-animatronic Ray bids you goodbye by saying, "Well, now this dis where the ride end now but come back any time y'all and remember just follow the bouncin' butt."

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