The Three Caballeros Mexico Journey is a boat flume dark ride at World Showcase at the Disney Universe Resort.

Ride Summary


Wind through the streets of Mexico and reach the river. Once at the river, board the logs.


Guests board a 6-row, 2-seat boat. The boat starts moving forward and goes down a 26-foot drop into a Mexican Street set. The Three Caballeros (animatronics) are seen prepairing for an outdoor concert. Donald announces the show is in 15 minutes and tells Jose and Panchito to get their instruments ready, only to find Jose's guitar is missing. They all scan the area for the missing guitar and then Panchito spots the Aracuan bird with it. The bird says he will return the guitar if they catch him. The Aracuan bird then opens a portal and jumps through it. The boats move closer to the portal and then go down another 26-foot drop. The Caballeros find themselves chasing the bird through the history of Mexico is witnessing many events from past Mexico. After going up sevral lift hills, going down several 26-foot drops, and going through many eras of Mexican history, Aracuan bird flies up a tall lift hill, which the boats then go up. Once the boat reaches the top of the lift hill, The Three Caballeros are seen catching the bird and taking Jose's guitar from him. The boat then goes down the final, and tallest, 52-foot drop and plunges into current day Mexico. The boats enter a set identical to the one in the begining of the ride. Crowds are seen watching the Three Caballeros perform onstage. The boats go up a lift hill to the boarding station and guests exit the ride.


The ride is a log flume ride containing elaborate sets, audio animatronics, and projection screens to make riders feel like they are traveling through Mexico. Through the ride guests will get a mix of education and entertainment. The ride features 5 26-foot drops, and 1 52-foot drop.


  • Saftey restraint: Lap bar
  • Time: 7 minutes
  • Fastpass available
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