This is a collection of my Armchair Imagineered theme parks, as well as info on WDKR.


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Disney's Adventure Kingdom

Disney's Splash Kingdom

Disney's Movie Magic Kingdom

Disney's Nature Kingdom

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Transportation in Walt Disney Kingdom Resort

Disney Kingdom Resort Line

Resort Gateway Station

This station is dedicated to Transportation services from/to the Airport.

Magic Esplanade Station

This station is closest to "Magic Kingdom" , "Movie Magic Kingdom".

Hotels close to this station are "Disney Kingdom Hotel", "Disney Art of Animation Resort", "Rockin Beach Resort".

Adventure Esplanade Station

This station is closest to "Adventure Kingdom".

Hotels close to this station are "Star Wars: Intergalactic Resort", "S.E.A. Explorers Club".

Downtown Station

This station is closest to "Downtown Disney" and "Splash Kingdom".

Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney Kingdom Resort

Divided into 5 districts

Background Information

Conviniently located in an artificial island made somewhere around Japan. Can be visited via boat or plane, from the "Disney's Kingdom Airport" or "Disney's Kingdom Pier".

Park features 2 Esplanades,

"Esplanade Magic" is the gateway to Magic Kingdom and Movie Magic Kingdom.

"Esplanade Adventure" is the gateway to Adventure Kingdom.


Introducing.... the Interacti-Q! Some rides offer high-tech, state of the art interactive queues. Not only can you interact with your surroundings, you can download the "Kingdom Q" App, to take the magic back home, or play short mini-games with surrounding players! Each game can only be activated within the ride. However, once activated the game lasts for 2 months; a good time for guests to bring home the magic after their trip!

Participating Rides:

Magic Kingdom
Ride Name Interactive Aspect Kingdom Q Game
Legend of Castle Tops Bat cave- Guests shadow attract bats, where they try to lunge at guests. Similar effect as Tinker Bell at Peter Pan's Flight.

Iris' Treasure- In the Castle Tops Dining Hall, Iris' treasure is an interactive treasure box. Guests can select 5 diamonds inside the box, where each diamond triggers a special effect within the Dining Hall. Dishes can move, cups can float, chandeliers color turn into various colors, a projection of Iris floats around the dining hall, and loud thunder erupts in the Dining Hall.

Tapestry- These haunted tapestries film guests faces and projects it on the tapestry. A dragon tapestry burns a guests face into bones; a trickster's tapestry doodles on a guests face, a knight's tapestry project guests face inside the armors face.

Bat busters- Fend of several bats using swiping and touching using Horus' magic.

Trickster Doodle- Doodle a friend or family's face! The doodled face might end up on the tapestries!

Adventure Kingdom
Hollywood Studios Kingdom




Fastpasses allow quick access to certain attractions, mostly the most popular attractions.

Magic Kingdom

The Legend of Castle Tops (Adventureland)

Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare (seasonal) (Adventureland)

Death Star Trench Run (Star Wars Galaxies: Endor)

Speeder Bike Run (Star Wars Galaxies: Endor)

Big Thunder Mountain (Frontierland)

Pooh's Hunny Hunt (Critter Country)

Splash Mountain (Critter Country)

Matterhorn Bobsleds (Fantasyland)

Peter Pan's Flight (Fantasyland)

Mary Poppins' Amazing Adventure (Fantasyland)

Toon Town Trolley Mayhem (Toon Town)

Battle of Hoth (Star Wars Galaxies: Hoth)

Space Mountain (Tomorrowland)

Journey Into Imagination! (Tomorrowland)

Soarin Over the Horizon (Tomorrowland)

Test Track (Tomorrowland)

CyberSpace Mountain (Tomorrowland)

Disney's Adventure Kingdom

Da Vinci's Workshop of Wonders (Port Paradiso)

Journey To The Center of the Earth (Vulcania)

A Trip to the Moon (Discovery Island)

Return of the Dinosaurs (Discovery Island)

Mischievious Waters (Lost Kingdom of Anandapur)

Expedition Everest (Lost Kingdom of Anandapur)

Indiana Jones Adventure (Lost Kingdom of Anandapur)

Raging Spirits (Lost Kingdom of Anandapur)

Tatooine Podracers (Star Wars Galaxies: Tatooine)

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Fantasy Kingdomme)

Dragon Mountain: A Fairytale Adventure (Fantasy Kingdomme)

Frozen Ever After (Fantasy Kingdomme)

Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride (Fantasy Kingdomme)

Paradise Screamin (Paradise Pier)

Tower of Terror (Paradise Pier)

The Avengers: Infinity Mission 3D (MARVEL: Avengers Universe)

Disney Movie Magic Kingdom

Journey Into the Twilight Zone (Hollywoodland)

Stark Expo (Superhero City)

The Spectacular Adventure of Spider-Man (Superhero City)

Gangster Alley (Sunset Boulevard)

Dorothy's Flight Above Oz (Sunset Boulevard)

G-Force Sound Rush (G-Force Records)

The Beatles: Revolution Coaster (G-Force Records)

Flight of the Millenium Falcon (Star Wars Outpost)

Star Wars: Battle Escape (Star Wars Outpost)

Toy Story Midway Mania! (Toy Story Playland)

Woody's Roundup Cowboy Falls (Toy Story Playland)

Crush's Coaster (Nemo's Big Blue World)

Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek! (Monstropolis)

Door Floor Coaster (Monstropolis)

The Incredible Adventure (Metroville)

Adventure is UP There! (Metroville)

Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity (Pixar Studios Backlot)

WALL-E: Voyage From Earth to Space to Axiom (Pixar Studios Backlot)

Radiator Springs Racers (Radiator Springs)

Disney Nature Kingdom

Geyster Mountain (Science World)

Horizons (Science World)

Alice's Back Into Wonderland (Science World)

Doctor Strange: Magic Experience (Science World)

Abyss Adventure (Science World)

The Marine Life Institute: SeaRider (Science World)

Star Trek: Into the Unknown (Science World)

Guardians of the Galaxy BREAKOUT (Science World)

Big Hero 6: Microbot Crisis (Science World)

Captain America: Battle of Courage (Science World)

Kilimanjaro Safaris (Wildlife World)

Nick and Judy's Zootastic Adventure (Wildlife World)

Open System Trials (Wildlife World)

Elk River Rapids (Wildlife World)

AVATAR: Flight of Passage (Wildlife World)

Quetzalcoatl Temple: Journey for the Feathered Serpent (Wildlife World)

Countdown to Extinction (Wildlife World)

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