The drop of the rollercoaster.

Thor's Hammer is a rollercoaster in Super Marvel Universe and Disney's Rio Adventure

Ride Summary

Ride Line

The ride line is inside with walls that have Thor comics on it. There is TV screens with Thor comic movies playing showing Thor's backstory. When you near the ride, Nick Fury talks over a speaker telling safety rules.


Once you get into the coaster, Red Skull is seen on a TV above the exit to the boarding room, and he shoots a laser at you. The coaster starts rumbling but launches out of the station before he can hurt you anymore. You tumble towards the chain lift, where there is various TVs mounted over the track and Red Skull explains his plan to destroy the planet. He then attempts to shoot you again but you escape and go down the first incline.

The coaster speeds down the track and does a sudden turn, and goes in sharp turns until you hear lasers shooting you again. The coaster darts up another hill and goes back down to go into 2 loop-da-loops in a row. It continues going forward and the coaster does a few turns, and you hear a message from Nick Fury. He explains that the only way to stop Red Skull is to use Thor's hammer, so the coaster goes up one last chain lift then speeds down really quick, a large boom is heard, then the coaster goes underground and goes back above, then the track goes straight again. You see an animatronic of Red Skull captured, and you proceed into the station to get off.


The ride is powered by the same basic power system as most rollercoasters, and the TVs are all the same too.

Background Information

  • The ride is the 2nd in Super Marvel Universe with Red Skull as a villain of it, the first is Red Skull Attack.
  • The voice actors for Red Skull, Thor, and Nick Fury all return.
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