Time Machine is a ride in Phineas and Ferb World's Inventoville. It is a ride similar to Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom, except it isn't a never-stopping ride.


Que Line

The que line is inside the Museum of Natural History. You see several familiar exhibits. The boarding room is you climbing into an all-terrain machine and go through a past teleporter.

Ride Restrictions

  • Children should be supervised
  • For your safety, you should be in good health and free from blood pressure, motion sickness, back, neck, and heart problems
  • Expectant mothers should not ride


As you go through the teleporter, you go through a giant red portal room similar to Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo. After you leave there, you are in the dinosaur time. You go through the mud and you car turns around to see a giant T-rex. He starts chasing you, and your car turns around and zooms off. Your car makes a sudden turn and the dinosaur runs by. You back up slowly and go up a volcano. The car turns around sees the the top. The car doesn't stop in time, and you almost fall in to the lava, but it is caught in a string and doesn't fall into lava. It swings to a ledge and you go on the narrow ledge into a cave. In the cave, you encounter a triceratops. He gets scared by you, so he charges. You hurry past him and zoom out back to the jungle again. You go by your future selves (mirror) and you then go through another time machine, but it only brings you back a couple seconds later, and you see your past selves. You then see the time machine you entered in and you go through it to the ice age. In the ice age, you see a mammoth and your car turns cooled. There is a glacier that starts sliding down and pushes your car into water and you get wet. The car goes through a stream into another time machine that makes you land in the time base.

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