Versailles Forever is the Firework show it will ran from 28th August to 5th November as part of Anime Dreams Park after Symphony of the Vampire and Anime Dreams Sea after world of Colour:Halloween Dreams During the Halloween Season

it Features the Music of Versailles


  • Intro/Prelude
  • Masquerade
  • Edge of the World
  • Rose
  • Vampire
  • Zombi
  • Forbidden Gate
  • Serenade
  • Holy Grail Amroso
  • God Place
  • Suzerain
  • Ayaskashi
  • Symapthia
  • The Revenant Chior
  • Aristocharts Symphony(Finale)

Before and After the Show

  • Annoncer:Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls,A Anime Dreams Program Reminder,In just a Few Minutes we will prouldy Present Versailles Forever,In Honour of their comeback,The Fireworks will colour the night sky set to timeless Versailles and Including bround new songs,Dont miss Versailles Forever will begin in Just a Few Minutes,Beware that the lighting Levels around you will be dimmed and beware of the falling ashes from the fireworks,Thank You

Background Information

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