This is Walt Disney Resort Berlin's fifth gate based on different kinds of Disney stories. This park features 9 themed areas.

Themed areas

Buena Vista Street:

One man's dream: The gallery as we know it.

Animazement: The old show with new scenes, updated and new characters.

Red trolley: A trolley riding across Buena Vista Street.

Mickey's Philharmagic: The ride as we know it.

Marvel universe:

Iron man superjet: A robot arm rollercoaster.

Marvel city: A live action stunt show featuring different Marvel superheroes.

Superhero fly school: A ride similair to Movie park Germany's Aang's airbender ride.

X-men: school for the gifted: A major thrill ride based on X-men awaits.

Guardians of the galaxy: A ride similair to amazing adventures with Spiderman but with our heroes from Guardians of the galaxy.

Avengers rescue: A shooter ride where we have to defeat some of our most evil marvel villains.

Big hero 6: A dark ride based on Hiro's legendary story.

Doctor Octopus master spin: A spinner themed to Doctor Octopus. An audio animatronic Doctor Octopus holds our vehicles in his tentacles.

The Enchanted Forest:

Seven Dwarfs mine train: The ride as we know it but a bit more thrilling and more audio animatronic scenes.

Return of the queen: A flume ride escaping the revenge of the evil queen. It's located inside the evil queen's castle.

Roaring river rapids: A river rapids ride racing through the highlands and the woods. Many audio animatronics are used.

Merida's highland legend: A dark ride based on Merida's legendary story.

Robin Hood's arrow battle: A shooter ride where we escape prince John's army.

Prince John's carriage: A simulator thrill ride where Robin Hood has stolen the carriage of Prince John but as they are on their way to catch us we have to find a way to escape.

Bambi: A dark ride based on this Disney classic.

Frozen bobsleigh: A thrill/ dark ride following Elsa to the tops of the northern mountain and seeing many different and famous movie scenes from Frozen.

Frozen chat with Olaf: An interactive experience with Olaf inside an ice cavern.

Reindeers are better than people: A carousel with reindeers as vehicles.

Alice's adventures in Wonderland: A dark ride following Alice into Wonderland.

Mad tea party: The ride as we know it but not with a tea pot in the middle but with a table with audio animatronic mad hatter and march hare.

Bread-and butterflies: A Dumbo like spinner with these magical creatures from Alice in Wonderland as vehicles.

Pooh's umbrella river: A flume ride with umbrellas as vehicles. We follow all Pooh's adventures.

Tigger's bouncy spot: 4 kiddie free fall rides with the wonderful things about Tiggers in the background.

Flying heffalumps: A dumbo like spinner with Heffalumps as vehicles.


Ben's cab whirl: A ride similair to Cars race rally with Ben and the cabs as vehicles.

Roger Rabbits car toon spin: The ride as we know it but with new audio animatronics.

Toontown hotel: A freefall and rollercoaster ride inside a wacky toon hotel.

Ducksailors: A ride which was once planned for Tokyo DisneySea.

Ducktales: A dark ride following the adventures of the Ducks.

Launchpad's flight: A kiddie coaster similair to Gadgets go coaster but with Launchpad as your host.

Seven Seas Lagoon:

Voyage of the Little Mermaid: A dark ride with spinning shell vehicles. This ride features advanced characters and new scenes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The ride with the movie characters.

Battle of the seven seas: A ride based on the DisneyQuest game. Now with audio animatronic characters fight other pirates and battle the seven seas.

Sinbad's seven voyages: The ride from Tokyo DisneySea.

Finding Nemo the musical: The show from AK.

Mr. Ray's swim away: A rollercoaster similair to Manta from Seaworld.

Jellyfish jumpers:  A ride similair to Jumpin' Jellyfish but themed to the jellyfish from Finding Nemo.

Bruce's whirlpool: A ride similair to Flik's flyers but with the bombs as vehicles. An audio animatronic Bruce will be in the middle.

Scuttle's scooters: The ride from Tokyo DisneySea.


Peter Pan's flight: The ride as we know it.

Cruella de vil motor car mania: A thrill ride escaping Cruella's fury.

London vehicles: Vehicles exploring different places in London.

Mary Poppins jolly journey: A dark ride where carousel horses transport us through the movie scenes.

Great mouse adventure: A rollercoaster  racing through the clocktower while escaping Professor Ratigan.

Star Wars Galaxy:

Battle of Hoth: A simulator ride where we board x wing fighters and defeat the At-At snowwalkers.

Naboo submarines: A submarine ride exploring the corners of Naboo

Mod Eisley pod racers: A radiator springs racers like ride but with new vehicles and floating vehicles.

Battle of the fates: A ride where we use saberswords and save the galaxy.

Star tours: the adventure continues: The ride as we know it.

Yoda's dagobah hut: A ride where we experience an audio animatronic Yoda's powers.

Pixar land:

Ratatouille: kitchen calamity: A shooter ride similair to Phantasialand's Maus au Chocolat. Rats are hungry and have invaded Linguini's so now we have to feed them.

Buzz Lightyear's space ranger spin: The ride as we know it.

Toy Story Adventure: A trackless ride similair to Ratatouille adventure but with a Toy Story theme.

Mike and Sulley to the rescue: The ride from DCA but with more advanced characters.

Rosie's web: A ferris wheel themed to Rosie's spider web.

Tuck and Roll drive em buggies: The ride from DCA.

Bugs go round: A carousel with insects as vehicles.

Flik's circus: A 4d show similair to its tough to be a bug but it features more audio animatronics.

Radiator Springs racers: The ride from DCA.

Luigi's flying tires: The ride from DCA.

Mater's adventures: A dark ride following Mater's shorts.

Land of Oz:

Flight over Oz: A dark/thrill ride following the adventures of Oz the great and powerful. We'll ride Oswald's air balloon and see all of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz: A dark ride following the classic story.

Escape from the Haunted Forest: A flume ride escaping the haunted castle of the Wicked witch of the West.

Glinda's bubbles: A spinner ride where we enter bubbles and spin around by Glinda's magic.

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