This is Walt Disney Resort Berlin's second gate which is based on different time periods. The park includes 11 themed areas.

Themed Areas

Museum of Exploration:

No attractions but one sorcerers of the magic kingdom like experience, shops and restaurants.

The Stone Age:

Countdown to extinction: The ride as we know it but longer and more dinosaurs.

Dinosaur live!: A ride similair to walking with dinosaurs but following Aladar's story.

Pterodactyl flyers: A dumbo like spinner themed to several flying dinosaurs.

The Ice Age:

Mammoth falls: A water ride where we encounter several animals like mammoths, giant beavers and giant sloths.

Sabletooth mountain: An expedition everest like ride themed to a time traveler's problem. Sabletooths have attacked him and he can't escape the mountain since his time watch fell from the mountain.

Middle Ages:

The Sword in the Stone: A dark ride themed to the Disney classic.

Lancelots royal parade: A carousel themed to medieval horses

Merlins rainbow journey: An outdoor rollercoaster where we have to help Merlin finding all the colours which madam Mim stole.

Dragon tops: A rollercoaster themed to a castle where a princess is guarded by a dragon. Save her by racing through this medieval castle.

Quest for Excalibur: A river rapids ride themed to the legends of the medieval times. You'll encounter Arthur, dragons, witches and many more.

Ancient  Greece:

Legend of Olympus: A rollercoaster on mount olympus.

Mythica: An indoor spinner coaster themed to the myths and legends of Greece. You'll encounter gods and monsters like Hydra and the minotaur.

Odysseus' seven voyages: A ride similair to the Sinbad ride but with full scale characters.

Poseidon: A water ride where Poseidon splashes us into the ancient Greek bay.


The Eye of Anubis: A rollercoaster similair to the mummy coaster but with Anubis' revenge.

Camel Ride: A ride where we actually ride real camels. We'll see many different things.

Ra: A rollercoaster themed to the Egyptian God. We'll soar through the skies in this floorless coaster ride.

Nile Cruise: A ride similair to jungle cruise but only on the Nile. We also see some ancient Egyptian people, hippos and crocodiles.

Ramses' temple

The Early modern period:

Columbus journey to the new world: An indoor splash ride about Columbus' journey to the Americas

Inventors: An audio animatronic show featuring some of the greatest inventors from the early modern period.


Leonardo's workshop: A mystic manor like ride but now we'll soar through the scenes where Leonardo's inventions come to life.

Volo de DaVinchi: A ride similair to Europapark Germany's ride.


Enterprise: A rollercoaster themed to the one which was planned for Disney's America.

Rickety train: A seven dwarfs mine train/ big thunder mountain railroad like ride themed to a few tests of the first steam trains.

Time center:

The Timekeeper: The ride as we know it but with more scenes and more effects.

River of Time: The ride like spaceship Earth but now it's a boat ride. There will be new scenes too and no more your own future interactive features.

Timeracers: A rollercoaster similair to test track but now on motors. You'll race through different time periods and historical adventures like an encounter with a t-rex, an attack by Napoleon, an eruption in Pompeii and many more.

City of the future:

The peoplemover: The ride as we know it but with new scenes since this is really based on a city of the future.

Space mountain: The ride as we know it.

City of future: A dark ride touring us through the city of future.

Flying cars: A dumbo like spinner with flying cars.

Robot invasion: A shooter ride where we stop robots who got a virus.

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