we first see like a slide projector or the circle carthay theatre and then we hear the intro song of Snow white and the seven dwarfs. Then we get a small drop into the slide projector screen and then we are in the Snow white and the seven dwarfs scene. This could be useful since the ride at Mk is closed. The AA characters should be very advanced though.

Other scenes:

- The Little Mermaid: Part of your world on the rock
- 101 Dalmatians: Cruella de Vil trying to crash into our vehicle
- The Lion King: Simba is raised by Rafiki with the Circle of life
- Tangled: I see the light boat scene
- Jungle Book: I wanna be like you and Ka trust in me
- Frozen: Let it go or For the First Time in forever

- Beauty and the Beast: Tale as old as time
- Tarzan: Trashin' the camp
- Aladdin: Never had a friend like me
- Dumbo: Pink Elephants on Parade
- Fantasia: Sorcerer's apprentice
- Pocahontas: Just around the Riverbend
- Alice in Wonderland: Mad tea party
- Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent battle

This ride will be a boat ride and will be at Hollywood studios and California adventure park.

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