Its a Night Time Show at Anime Dreams Sea opened on 15th april 2013


Act 1

  • Opening
  • GTA V/My Little Pony/X 1999(World Of Adventure)
  • Frozen-Let It Go
  • Marvel Superheros(Iron Man 1,2 and 3/Capitan America: First Avenger/Winter solider/Hulk)
  • Dreams of Out of this world(Guardians of The Galaxy/Thor)
  • Spoonful of Dreams(Naruto/Marry Poppins/Princess and The Frog/Peppa Pig)

Act 2

  • Romance(Disney Princess/Ouran/Vampire Knight/Sailor Moon/Shugo Chara)
  • Friends on the Other Side
  • villains
  • Dark elves Battle
  • Friggas Funeral/Jersey Boys-My Eyes Adored You(July 2014 Present)
  • Finale


There a special Finale Replaced The Normal Finale

  • Lego Movie(February)
  • Jersey Boys Movie(May-June)


  • Staring on July 2014 it will be a change it will still have Friggas Funeral and followed by My Eyes Adored You From Jersey Boys Musical

Halloween Version

During The Halloween Season it will be called World of Colour:Halloween Screams will Feature Anchorman 2,Thor the Dark world,Rocky Horror Picture Show and more it ran from 28th August to 5th November 2014

  • The 2015 Version of World Of Colour:Halloween Screams will feature Musical Segments from Superatural the Musical and Scene from Kingsman The Secret Service as part of the Finale

15th Anniversary Special

from April 15, 2016,It will have Special Version of World of Colour called 'World of Colour Wishes'With scenes for the finale are Ouran Host Club,The Hobbit,Rock of ages,Kingsman and more

  • Prologue(How it all Began)
  • Wishes of the sea
  • Wishes of Laughter(Inside Out/Ouran Host Club/Anchorman/My Little Pony)
  • Wishes of Imagination(The Hobbit/The Lord of the rings/The Little Mermaid/Frozen)
  • Star Wars
  • Wishes of Romance(Cinderella/Snow White/Tangled/Sleeping Beauty/Romeo X Juliet/Rock of Ages)
  • Wishes of Music(Love and Mercy)
  • Supernatural The Musical
  • Finale

Before and After The Show

  • Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls In 10 Minutes Mediterranean Harbor will come alive with Sights,Sounds and Colour as we present our nighttime show World of Colour Don't miss it in 10 minutes thank you
  • Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen,Boys and Girls a Anime Dreams Sea Program reminder in just a few Minutes the lighting around the Mediterranean Harbor will be dimmed so you can fully experience the world of colour please keep your cameras at head level and please remove your large hats and hairbands that's the world of colour will begin in just a few minutes thank you
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